Future-oriented and quality-focused

JFC’s mission is to increase the distribution of foods from Japan and the rest of Asia.
Building on a century of success, JFC today is strategically poised for growth. Every day we serve growing numbers of Asian-European retail outlets, restaurants and major European retailers. Every day we deliver healthy, safe, high-quality Asian food products across the continent from our strategically located distribution centres. Every day in every way, JFC is moving to higher ground.

Pairing Sake with Food

JFC Holland provides and service your Sake by it’s quality and correct delivery.

We take care of the proces and select the best Sake for you.

Let us guide you, by our local knowledge and selection of Sake. We offer our network by knowledge & service to our contacts with some of the best producers of Sake in Japan.

“We are with you on your sake endeavor”

We do not just care about Sake
We care about you

We know your circumstances.
We are of support to you, by our knowledge & service to select and deliver correctly your Sake.

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